About Us

This project was created by the Enterprise Linux Professionals Security Team. An international collaborative effort of various Web Development and Security professionals created “Certificate Automation.” The mission of this project has been to allow anybody to manage their certificates in the most flexible way possible.

Our interface was designed with non-technical people in mind as a front-end client for the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate project. We designed a way to simplify the services provided by Let's Encrypt, such as a graphical user-friendly interface, step-by-step instructions for non-Linux users, a console to manage all certificates in one place, expiration and renewal reminders, etc.

We would like to make it abundantly clear that the certificates we produce are completely free of charge through the Let’s Encrypt project. Our services are available as a subscription, which include email support, installation instructions, domain verification, renewal reminders, and the entire client interface.

A portion of the proceeds from this service will be donated to the Let’s Encrypt project. We hope that this service is beneficial to anybody who needs an SSL Certificate